Classic/Exotic Vehicle Shipping

Classic car shipping for mint-condition moves

It's a classic for a reason – because it's stood the test of time and still sends your heart racing. Think about all the details that go into preserving these works of art. From hood to tail, the paint shines, the chrome sparkles, and the roar of that engine echoes across generations.

For a vehicle that's a rare work of art, you need a rare type of move that's exceptional from start to finish. That's exactly what you get when you partner with us to ship a classic, exotic, vintage, or rare car – white-glove service that delivers your baby in mint condition.

How much does classic car shipping cost?

No matter what kind of vehicle you have to move, if you're considering car shipping companies, chances are cost is one of the main points to compare. Car shipping costs depend on a lot of different factors, but here are some of the main things to consider:

Make and model: Classic cars come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, from antique roadsters to vintage farm trucks and everything in between. Small vehicles can almost certainly be shipped in multicar carriers, but larger ones may require special handling.

Distance: Car transport costs can depend on the distance, due to things like the cost of fuel and drive time for the auto transport driver.

Service and transport choices: We offer a number of different service levels with varying pickup and delivery options, each with a different rate, so you can find something that fits your budget.

Time of year: Different seasons can lead to lower availability due to things like increased demand, inclement weather, or adverse road conditions, so the price to ship a classic car may depend on when you need it moved.

Pickup and delivery locations: Where our carrier picks up the vehicle from can make a difference in the cost as well. If we need to meet you somewhere, or we need to make special accommodations to pick it up, you may end up paying a little more.

Timeframe: Do you need your classic car moved in a few weeks, or do you need to get it to a show in a few days? How far out are you booking your quote? It is possible to expedite the car shipping process, but it can be more costly than a move that's planned well in advance.

How are classic cars transported?

There's one more choice when it comes to shipping a vehicle – open vs enclosed shipping – and it's especially important to consider these options when you're thinking about transporting a classic, antique, exotic, or otherwise rare automobile.

More than 90% of the vehicles we ship are loaded onto open vehicle transport carriers, and for good reason. Open transports are a safe and reliable way to ship cars, and because they can carry a lot of vehicles at the same time, they're also the most economical option. However, they do leave the cars open to the elements, including things like dirt and dust from the road, weather, rocks, and other road debris.

For that reason, many people choose to ship rarer and more expensive vehicles using our enclosed shipping option. Shipping using an enclosed trailer costs a little more, but your precious cargo is protected on all sides while in transit.

CarsArrive Auto Relocation offers the most classic car transport options to choose from

We offer the most options in the industry, so whether you want the vehicle picked up from your driveway, or you want to save some money and drop it off at one of our service centers yourself, we can do that. The same goes for the destination as well, and you can always mix and match your options to find the best service to fit your timetable and your budget.

Choose the shipping method that meets your needs

Shipping Service


Carrier Direct Service

Typically, the most cost-effective option. At origin, our vehicle carrier will meet you at a nearby parking lot to collect your vehicle within a 3- to 5-day window. Upon arrival in the destination city, the vehicle carrier will meet you at a nearby parking lot to release the vehicle.

Shipping Service


Service Center to Service Center

A balance of cost and convenience. Drop your vehicle at one of our 100+ service centers on the date of your choosing. We will deliver to a destination service center on a date that works for you.

Shipping Service


Service Center to Door

Savings at origin and convenience at destination. Drop off your vehicle at one of 100+ service centers any date you choose. Final delivery to your driveway or office at destination is completed on a pre-scheduled appointment date.

Shipping Service


Door to Service Center

Your vehicle will be picked up from your driveway or office at origin on your specific requested date. Once your vehicle arrives at our destination service center, you can pick it up at your convenience.

Shipping Service


Door to Door

The ultimate in convenience… no hassles, complete care. Your vehicle will be picked up from your driveway or office at origin on your specific requested date. Final delivery to your driveway or office at destination is completed during a pre-scheduled appointment.

Just click to start your quote, fill out some basic information about your classic car and your move, and we’ll show you estimates of what you’ll pay for each shipping option.

The value of knowing your baby is in good hands

If you've ever tried moving a classic car over a long distance, you probably know it's nerve racking and can be more than just a little hassle if something goes wrong. So whether you need to ship it to your new home, an auto show, or anywhere else, you can have peace of mind knowing that your vehicle will make it to your destination safe and sound – and without any hassles, surprises, or hidden charges.

CarsArrive Auto Relocation is your trusted source for shipping a classic car. We're the only company boasting 98% on-time delivery, 98.8% damage-free vehicles, and 14-day delivery, and that's why we're so confident in our services. We know that if anything does go wrong, we’ll make it right.

Important tips when shipping a classic car

When you're shipping a vehicle that you've invested a lot of time and money in, you want everything to go off without a hitch. And while you can count on us to do it right, there are a few simple things you can do to make the process even easier:

  • Wash your vehicle inside and out, and make sure it is empty before transport.
  • Document any existing damage through pictures or videos and make written notes about any scratches, dents, or other cosmetic damage.
  • Remove aftermarket parts including antennas, DVD players, luggage racks, bike racks, toll tags, etc.
  • Top off all fluids in the car.
  • Run the car until it only has about a quarter tank of gas, which saves weight and helps avoid additional charges.
  • Disconnect, disable, or turn off all alarm systems.
  • Perform a mechanical inspection by checking brakes, battery, ignition, tires, and fluids. Minor leaks can cause major problems, especially if the car is travelling hundreds of miles.

Frequently asked questions

Just like the cost of shipping a vehicle, travel time is another thing that depends on different factors – the main one being availability.

Many customers choose to ship a classic, antique, or exotic car on an enclosed vehicle carrier, and even though they can't carry as many vehicles as open carriers, the trucks need to be loaded with more than just one vehicle. Deliveries typically take a few days to a week, but if availability is low, it may take up to two weeks.

After you book your service, we'll send a delivery date range that gives you the estimated travel time, but the exact date and time your classic car will arrive may vary.

With standard shipping, we can give you a delivery date range based on the estimated travel time for the vehicle. But if you need it delivered on a very specific date, our logistics experts can expedite the shipping process. Just remember that expedited car transport is going to cost more than standard.

In short, no. Vehicle transport drivers are only licensed to transport autos, so any personal belongings can't be insured against things like damage or theft.

There's also the risk to the vehicle itself, as stuff in the vehicle could get moved around and damage the interior. We ask all customers to completely unload their vehicles and take out anything that isn't bolted down or didn't come with the car from the factory. Read more

You bet your Aston Martin it is! Your ride is covered for transit-related damages for the Actual Cash Value (ACV) of the vehicle or up to $100,000, whichever is the lesser of the two. This coverage is provided to all customers at no additional cost and with no deductible.

Find the perfect project or parts car, but it doesn't run? We can help. CarsArrive Auto Relocation can move a non-running vehicle, it just takes a little more work, and we can't ship it using standard services. Give us a call at 855.736.7429 to get a custom auto transport quote.