Car Shipping

Car shipping that moves to the rhythm of your life

People are always on the move – to new jobs, new schools, or new lives after retirement. Other than your family, your car is the most important asset you'll take with you. It keeps you on schedule and takes you everywhere you need to be. So when it's time to move, you need to know your car's going to get there on time and in one piece.

That's where we come in. CarsArrive Auto Relocation takes the worry out of your move. We know it's a scary proposition to trust shipping a car to just anyone. More than a good price, you want the best value, and you want guarantees your car will be delivered on time, safe and sound, just the way you left it. That's what we do and so much more.

How much does car shipping cost?

When they need to ship a car, the number one thing on most people's minds is the price, and we totally get that. But every move is different, so car shipping prices vary from customer to customer depending on different factors. The main factors that affect shipping cost include:

Make and model: Car carriers can fit more of certain cars, like average-size coupes and sedans, so these vehicles cost less to ship than larger ones like trucks and SUVs.

Distance: Shipping a car requires two main things – fuel and drive time. That's why distance is the biggest factor in the final price you'll end up paying.

Service and transport choices: Depending on the chosen service level and whether you want to use an open or enclosed transport, the price is going to vary.

Time of year: Seasons and weather conditions have a big impact on car shipping prices. Winter weather can close trucking lanes and generally slow everything down, so shipping in warmer months tends to be a little cheaper.

Pickup and delivery locations: Cities and metro areas usually have more transport trucks nearby than rural ones, so you may get a cheaper rate if you're near a big city.

Timeframe: Do you need your car transported last minute or are you booking it months in advance? Expedited car shipping or last-minute booking is probably going to cost you a little more if it can be arranged.

How are cars transported?

Besides our service options, you also have the choice of shipping your car on an open or enclosed carrier. Because there are more open carriers and they can carry more vehicles than enclosed ones, this is the preferred option for those who want to save time and money. In fact, more than 90% of vehicles are shipped this way.

Open carriers – as the name implies – leave your car open to the elements as well as things like dust and dirt – basically what you'd expect from a road trip. While that's probably fine for your average commuter or daily driver, if you're willing to put a premium on protection, then an enclosed carrier – with four walls and a roof – is probably more your speed.

CarsArrive Auto Relocation offers the most car transport options to choose from

Do you want to drop your car off or have it picked up from your driveway? How do you want to receive it at delivery? The answers to these questions determine what kind of service level best fits your needs and your budget.

Choose the shipping method that meets your needs

Shipping Service


Carrier Direct Service

Typically, the most cost-effective option. At origin, our vehicle carrier will meet you at a nearby parking lot to collect your vehicle within a 3- to 5-day window. Upon arrival in the destination city, the vehicle carrier will meet you at a nearby parking lot to release the vehicle.

Shipping Service


Service Center to Service Center

A balance of cost and convenience. Drop your vehicle at one of our 100+ service centers on the date of your choosing. We will deliver to a destination service center on a date that works for you.

Shipping Service


Service Center to Door

Savings at origin and convenience at destination. Drop off your vehicle at one of 100+ service centers any date you choose. Final delivery to your driveway or office at destination is completed on a pre-scheduled appointment date.

Shipping Service


Door to Service Center

Your vehicle will be picked up from your driveway or office at origin on your specific requested date. Once your vehicle arrives at our destination service center, you can pick it up at your convenience.

Shipping Service


Door to Door

The ultimate in convenience… no hassles, complete care. Your vehicle will be picked up from your driveway or office at origin on your specific requested date. Final delivery to your driveway or office at destination is completed during a pre-scheduled appointment.

Just click to start your quote, fill out some basic information about your car and your move, and we’ll show you estimates of what you’ll pay for each shipping option.

The value of having a happy, hassle-free relocation

There's one more thing of value we bring to the table, and it's one that's hard to put a price on – peace of mind. Some people can pack up everything they own and hit the road no problem, but not everyone travels so lightly. Most people have a house to pack, kids to wrangle, and multiple cars to move, making the logistics of getting everyone and everything from point A to point B challenging.

That's why we focus on value and the things that don't always fit nicely into a calculator. What about the peace of mind you get from knowing that your car is safe, sound, and moved with precision and expertise? What about the value you get from knowing what you'll pay upfront with no surprises and hidden charges? We're confident in our services, and if anything does go wrong, we'll make it right.

CarsArrive Auto Relocation is your trusted source in auto transport. We're the only company that can boast 98% on-time delivery, 98.8% damage-free vehicles, and 14-day delivery. We can make your move simpler than you'd ever imagine and provide you with the best experience guaranteed. And you can't put a price on that.

Frequently asked questions

Like the cost to ship a car, this one depends on a number of factors, chief among them – availability.

Most people choose to ship using open carriers, and for that to be economical, they need to be loaded with more than just one vehicle. Deliveries typically take a few days to a week, but if availability is low, it may take up to two weeks.

After booking, you'll get a delivery date range based on the estimated transit time when you arrange shipping, but for the reason mentioned above, the exact date and time may vary.

If you absolutely need the car somewhere on a specific date, our logistics gurus can expedite your shipping to make that happen, but it will affect the final price you'll pay.

In short, no. The main reason why is because auto transport drivers are licensed to ship cars, not personal belongings, so they can't be insured against damage or theft. Car transport carriers also have specific weight and balance requirements, and cars are heavy enough without extra cargo. Read more

Absolutely! Your car is covered for transit-related damages for the Actual Cash Value (ACV) of the vehicle or up to $100,000, whichever is the lesser of the two. This coverage is provided to all customers at no additional cost and with no deductible.

We can still move a non-running car, but it takes a little more work, and we can't ship it using standard services. This will require a custom quote to find the right solution to meet your needs, which can be arranged by calling 855.736.7429.