You Just Bought a Car Online, Now How Do You Get It Into Your Driveway?

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There's no stopping Americans from purchasing new and used cars, even if the economy has slowed and the job market has seen much brighter days. The fact is that we require cars to do the things we need (and like) to do, and that's not going to change because of a few speed bumps in the world economy.

What's even more interesting is that a large number of these autos are now being sold online. In fact, sites like Vroom and Carvana have become hubs for car buyers because of their ease and convenience, not to mention their wide selections.

But how does a car that you purchased online end up in your driveway? That's where professional vehicle transport services come in handy.

Auto transport companies use a number of strategically designed carriers to haul cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles and even boats across the country -- and sometimes even from continent to continent. Hiring a professional vehicle transport service allows you to save on prohibitive fuel costs should you attempt to drive it back home yourself. These expert car shipping companies utilize a number of different carrier options to allow for the safest transport possible. Let's review some of the options.


Open vs. enclosed carriers

The type of shipping carrier you choose is going to be highly dependent on the type of vehicle you're actually transporting.

Open-air carriers are the kind you typically see on highways with a dozen cars or so stacked up on steel platforms, while enclosed carriers provide a bit more protection from weather and road conditions. If you're shipping a vintage 1965 Ford Mustang, you'd want to opt for an enclosed carrier because of the nature of the cargo. If you're just investing in a low price used car that’s 6 or 7 years old, you may want to go with more economical open-carrier option.

Green and environmentally friendly options

More carbon dioxide emissions come from transportation than from anything else in the U.S. As such, it's simply not economically friendly to drive your car across the country to get it safe and sound into your driveway (not to mention the potentially high fuel costs). A large car transport vessel can easily haul upwards of 10 vehicles at a time, preventing the emissions from those cars from spilling out onto the highway and, eventually, up into the atmosphere. An auto transporter typically emits far fewer pollutants than the combined emissions of the vehicles they carry. It’s much better for the environment to have one car carrier cross the county than 10 individual cars. 

Of course, there are plenty of other great reasons to invest in vehicle transport services, too. For more information, request a quote from CarsArrive today, and we will help you navigate the car shipping process.

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