Why Auto Transport Makes Relocation Easier

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Moving your whole household takes planning, logistics, and hard work.

If you’ll pardon the pun, there really are a lot of “moving pieces” involved in relocating.

Whether your scenario is more like the Fresh Prince moving to Belair or like Clampetts loading up the truck and moving to Beverly, you have a laundry list of things to do. Including the laundry. Because, trust us on this, it’s best to start your life in a new home with as few extra chores as possible.

Premium vehicle shipping handles big pieces of your “To Do” list.

Your family’s vehicles, that is, and handles them – all makes and models, from Mom’s swagger wagon to Dad’s sedan – with professional care and attention, as if they were the shippers’ own.

Now that you’ve arranged for auto transport, what else is there to do?

So, so much. We’ve captured the highlights here, gleaned from some fantastic free resources, like Lifehacker’s Start to Finish Guide for Moving to a New Place.

1. Brace yourself – prep, purge, and early pack.

Spend time reviewing guides like Lifehacker’s and other resources. Then make like Santa – make a list, check it twice.

Now is the best time streamline what you own. Get rid of or give away everything you’ve grown out of. That way there’s less to store. And pack. And label. And unpack. And dust.

Those things that you rarely use, but still must keep, like your wedding china, say – those you can start packing now. The better, more efficient, tighter job you do of packing, the easier it will be to move into your new home. Well-packed boxes practically unpack themselves.

As this handy guide from the insurance company Allstate notes, label your boxes not just with their contents but also the specific place to which they should be delivered in your new home. For instance, “wedding china / double cabinet above the refrigerator.”

Now’s also a great time to take a home inventory. In the same way that you should document the condition of your vehicles before shipment, you should catalogue the valuable contents of your home and garage. After all, this is a rare chance to review all that you own and such a listing is very helpful for insurance purposes both during the move and ever after.

2. Get help – professional movers and even virtual assistants.

As you know, time is money. Regardless of your line of work, unless you are a professional mover, your time is better spent doing whatever you do best. Most likely, your time is paid for at a rate higher than the cost of professional movers and virtual assistants. By hiring help, you save time to spend with your family saying farewell to all the favorite spots in your “old” city. Real Simple Magazine offers great advice on how to select a mover to meet your needs.

Wondering how a virtual assistant can help you with a physical move, IRL, that is, “in real life?” That means you haven’t yet thought about all the phone calls, cancellations of service, and new service orders.

Before you leave your old house, you, or your designee, will have to cancel the water, electricity, mail and newspaper delivery, housekeepers, lawn care providers, and so on. Then, before you expect to sleep in your new house, reverse the whole process, by signing up for power and light, internet and cable, gas and water.

If the idea of having a virtual assistant call your credit card companies to change your address makes you uncomfortable, then do yourself the favor of checking out MyMovingChecklist, a free task management app from 1-800-PACK-RAT. It will keep you on task as you make all the calls.

3. Move in and ease into your new surroundings.

There’s really too much to cover here, we’ll just pass along one last tip from Lifehacker’s article. Dust and clean everything before you move it into your new house and as you unpack it. It’s likely to have settled a bit in shipping. Start your new life fresh.

Also, when you change your address with the US Postal Service, take advantage of their free mover’s guide, which includes exclusive savings on mover services plus coupons and deals for people new to the community. Check to see if there are any pizza delivery places who can help make you feel at home on your first night. While you’re waiting for your order to arrive, take pictures of your new digs so you can remember the “before” and “after.”

That’s a lot of moving pieces, indeed.

Good thing you entrusted your vehicles to a professional partner.
The team at CarsArrive would be honored to handle your vehicles like our own. We know you’re crazy-busy planning for the big move. Allow us to offload a big part of your “To Do” list. You can get a quick custom rate quote for your vehicles by visiting our website.

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