Who Really Uses Vehicle Shipping?

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That is, what type of client is best served by professional auto transport?

Premium vehicle shipping companies, like CarsArrive, serve all types of customers with all kinds of vehicles, who are shipping them to all kinds of locations for all kinds of reasons. How’s that for specific and helpful? Not at all. Let’s break it down.

The auto transport client base sorts into several categories each with specific needs around their shipment. If you are planning for an upcoming vehicle move, you might find it instructive to peruse this list and determine which one best fits your situation.

Moving families

Military and corporate

No matter whether you are transferring to a new office within your company as part of a promotion or lateral career move, or you are moving due to reassignment within the armed forces, you are in the majority of people who book auto transport.

Recreational movers

Retirees, snowbirds, and seasonal shifters

Perhaps the next largest category of folks needing auto transport are those lucky ones who follow the good weather – south in the winter and north in the summer.

Not uncommon situations in vehicle shipping

Vehicle sales

A relatively small but increasing percent of the auto transport business is comprised of vehicles sold online in internet auctions and classifieds sites, like eBay, Vroom or Autotrader.

Vehicle repairs

When special vehicles, including classic and custom cars as well as non-road vehicles like watercraft and RVs, require repair and maintenance, they may need to be shipped a certain distance to an eligible repair and body shop.

Non-passenger, or non-road, vehicles

Auto transport is a bit of a misnomer because most professional vehicle shippers safely and securely move everything from motorhomes and fifth wheels to jet skis and fast boats. From as relatively small as motorcycles, with and without sidecars, to go-karts and ATVs. To as big as 50-foot yachts and catamarans. Whether you are having your new motor coach delivered from the factory or your new-to-you preowned pop-up trailer delivered from a seller on Amazon, you’ll likely be relying on professional auto transporters.

Unusual shipments and farm implements

Most auto transporters and professional drivers are like sport fishermen in that they have a ready file in mind of great stories. Whereas fishermen talk about “the one that got away,” transporters talk about the most unique item they ever delivered.

You might have heard the one about the wind turbine blade. Or the water tower. The antique biplane. The restored old-time Indy car. That’s not to mention the scores of “oversized load” stories about earth movers, backhoes, bulldozers, and all brands of tractors.

If it’s bigger than can fit in your trunk or backseat, chances are that professional moving teams have already transported dozens of them over the years. Capitalize on their expertise and specialized equipment by hiring them to take care of it for you.


Finally, it’s worth mentioning that if a vehicle can be transported within the 48 continental United States, it can be shipped anywhere in the world. What’s more, for most locations, it can be shipped with the same premium options that are available stateside, like enclosed shipping and door-to-door service.

Do you recognize your vehicle transport scenario in this list?

If you do and you’re ready to start comparing quotes from knowledgeable professionals, please fill out the quote request form. Depending on your situation, our quote engine will either generate an automatic estimate for your review or one of our customer service team will get back with you shortly to gather additional information necessary for quoting special moves.

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