What to Know Before You Ship Your Car

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Sometimes, you and your car need to get somewhere, but not necessarily together. Imagine you get a job in a new city and it starts on Monday -- you've got to fly out as soon as possible, and leave your car behind. You could find someone to drive it to you, or you could enlist the help of an auto shipping service (an industry worth approximately $12 billion). Not only will it spare your car the wear and tear of a long trip, but it'll get to you faster and more efficiently, with no more miles on it than when you left.

Before you entrust your beloved vehicle to a car shipping company, though, check out this list of things you should know before sending your car off alone.

  • Typically, you can't store anything in the car you're transporting, although some companies will allow 50 to 100 pounds of extra cargo. Make sure you check with your car transport representatives before sticking anything valuable in the trunk.
  • Shipping your car will typically cost less during winter than it will in the summer peak months. Keep this in mind when you make travel plans.
  • Inspect your car before and after it's shipped to check for damage which the shipping company or other involved parties might be liable for. It may be a good idea to take pictures and document any existing scratches or damage.
  • Unless your car transportation service tells you otherwise, it is best to leave only a quarter of a tank of gas in your car while it's being shipped.
  • Keep a realistic timeline for the delivery of your vehicle. Sometimes, it will take a long time for the truck carrying it to arrive, so try to have alternate plans arranged for transportation in the meantime.

Whether you are moving across the country, buying a car from a distance, moving a car out of car storage, using an auto shipping service can be the easiest, time and cost-efficient way to reunite with your old car or get your new one. There is no need to sell your dependable car just because you are relocating!

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