Vehicle Transport Tips You Need to Know Now for 2020

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Vehicle shipping starts on the Internet.

No matter whether this is your first time to ship a vehicle or you’ve done lots of times, there’s always something new to learn and ways to improve and expedite your process.

These days, like most everything else, you can go online to find a wealth of information, tools, reviews, and even get started on a shipment.

(If you don’t like dealing with the Internet, you can still do your research the old-fashioned way--on the phone. For instance, our toll-free customer service number is 877-825-4143. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is on hand and happy to answer any questions you may have.)

Realize the value of professional vehicle shipment.

For most of us, our car is the first or second most valuable possession we will ever own. It’s an investment--in our family, in our future, in our lifestyle and livelihood.

Accordingly, shipping that vehicle is an investment well-spent. For most vehicles.

If you’re still driving the beater you got in college with the crank windows, the blown-out speakers, the sagging roof upholstery, and the rusty undercarriage from too much salt and snow--you probably don’t need to invest in vehicle shipment. It may be more appropriate to sell that relic before you move.

But, if you need to ship the family swagger wagon to your new home when you get that new job, or if you have entered your trailer queen in a contest across the state or across the country--you already realize the value of professional vehicle transport.

It’s not just the monetary value of protecting your investment while it’s in transit.

It’s the not-lost revenue opportunity of you taking a road trip just now. It’s the hassle-free schedule saver of not having to interview, reference check, and coordinate a cross-country delivery team of shippers to ensure timely and safe delivery.

Research the field of auto transport.

Again, you could do it the old-fashioned way by getting out the phone book, visiting your local librarian, calling the Better Business Bureau office, and otherwise pounding the pavement.

But, it’s 2020, so we suggest searching online. See if you can find out the following information before you choose a company with whom to entrust your vehicular investment.

  1. How long has the vehicle shipper been in business?

Disruptive technology is all the rage these days, like the way shared transport is changing the way the taxi and hired car business works. Or the way smartphone tech is changing the way we communicate.

But, you probably don’t want a start-up to be the one handling your vehicle on the open road? Even if they say they’ve found a way to “revolutionize the way blah blah blah,” what about their drivers? What about their dispatchers?

CarsArrive has been perfecting the business of vehicle shipment since 2001.

  1. How does the car transporter process work?

Preparing a vehicle to ship is a thorough-going process, from the physical aspect to the paperwork to the planning. You need to know what to expect from your auto shipper and what they expect from you.

CarsArrive offers a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) guide to help you better plan for your big move.

  1. Do they have transporter facilities near your location?

Some companies, like CarsArrive, allow the client to choose between different levels of service. For instance, customers may choose to drop off and pick up their vehicle from a local CarsArrive facility.

Or they may choose a more personalized concierge service where one of our shippers will pick up the vehicle from the customer’s specified location and drop it off at the agreed upon time and date at the customer’s new location.

The CarsArrive network offers more than 100 terminals across the continental US from which to drop off and pick up your vehicle.

  1. Can you get a free quote?

Many companies offer you an immediate free estimate for your upcoming shipment. To get your free estimate, you’ll need to provide a few important details--vehicle type, ship-from and ship-to location, and estimated move date.

  • We need the vehicle type to determine the size and type of equipment we’ll use to transport your vehicle as well as to estimate the cost of gas.
  • The ship-from and ship-to locations tells us more about expected transport costs as well as routing and personnel management.
  • The estimated move date further determines personnel management. Scheduling many months in advance saves you the cost of rearranging everybody’s schedule at the last minute. Which we can do, too.
  • Lastly, we need your email address so that we can send you the quote.

If you have an irregular vehicle to ship, like a farm tractor or construction crane, we will not be able to give you an immediate estimate online. There’s just more info to collect on non-standard shipments, like weight, height clearances, and other factors.

We’d be happy to visit with you and give you an estimate for these items over the phone.

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