Three Ways To Lower the Costs of Moving

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Moving into a new house -- whether or not it was your decision to move or the result of a job transfer -- can be very stressful and extremely expensive. Besides all the minor moving day catastrophes that need to be ironed out, uprooting yourself and your family from your home is definitely emotionally taxing. You may not be able to plan for the psychological stress, but there is one thing you can plan for: the costs of your move.

Even if you’re switching homes at the very last minute and don’t have much time to plan, there are a few simple ways you can minimize moving costs with just a little bit of organization and patience:

Get rid of your junk

You might not have time to set up a huge garage sale, but there are plenty of organizations that will take donations of gently used clothes, electronics, and household items. If you’re packing up items that you don’t see yourself using in the near future -- or at any point in the future -- you might as well get rid of them before moving.

Don’t pay for packing

Some things, like big electronics and furniture, will be better handled by professional moving companies who have the manpower and the means for shipping heavy equipment and items. But for everything else, simply decide which items will go in which rooms, and pack up items according to room destination. You may not even have to pay for boxes -- many stores (especially grocery stores) have piles of cardboard boxes that would otherwise just be recycled. Be sure to write down an inventory of each box and number the boxes for reference. In the event a box goes missing, you’ll be able to provide a list of the items that are lost.

Recognize the benefits of car shipping companies

These services especially come in handy if you’re moving across a long distance or if you have multiple cars to move. With the cost and hassle of traveling by car these days, car shipping rates are almost always cheaper than driving your car yourself. Additionally, you won’t have to stress out about the safety of your car; good car shipping companies provide comprehensive auto transport insurance policies and a variety of vehicle carrier options, so you can choose exactly what fits your budget and your needs.

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