Three Misconceptions About Auto Shipping Quotes

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There's so much information available to us now, it can seem overwhelming. As a matter of fact, one statistic suggests that 90 percent of the information available to us was created within the last two years – that's a staggering thought! Any question you have, any thought you want to confirm, can be answered online or in publications available through a plethora of outlets.

But with an abundance of information comes misinformation, misunderstandings and misconceptions. There are as many places confirming the sky is blue as there are telling you it's really clear and the ground provides the sky color. How do you know what the right answer is, then?

The answer is actually in front of you – Common sense.

That's it – good old common sense. When you follow basic common sense guidelines, you will know when someone is telling you the truth and when you're being fooled. The most important thing, though, is to follow your own common sense, as opposed to taking the easy way out.

Unfortunately, most people don't follow common sense. They figure it's much better to take the easy way out, go with the cheapest and the one with the least hassle, which most often leads to misconceptions.

Auto Shipping Quote Misconceptions

To help you follow your common sense, here are three misconceptions we hear auto shipping quotes, in no particular order:

A quote is always a guarantee

Whether you're hiring a company to ship your car or to replace kitchen cabinets, before you hire them, you should get quotes. Most reputable companies will guarantee their quotes, but even then, there are ways a company can get around whatever "guarantee" they give.

To ensure your quote is really what the bottom line is going to be, read the fine print carefully. Do this before you agree to contract with your auto transport company, so you know what items could be added to your final price. Some examples of hidden fees include hook-up charges, delivery charges and charges for delivering to your home as opposed to a drop-off terminal.

Quotes are based solely on distance traveled.

While distance is a factor in the cost of a move, there are many other factors that go into an auto shipping quote. Vehicle weight, make and model, whether the car is being taken to a remote location or to a drop-off yard, if you're requesting an open or closed trailer and whether you need express shipment or a guaranteed delivery date all play a part in what the final quote is.

Each company also has additional charges standard to their service. As we've already mentioned, it makes common sense to read your quote carefully so you don't get surprised.

You can get a lower price if you remove extras off your vehicle before shipping

We're not sure where this originated, but we hear it time and again: customers asking whether they can lower their rate if they remove hub caps, spare tires and so forth.

While weight does play a role in transporting vehicles, it is more about how many vehicles can go onto a trailer than the bottom-line price. You can incur additional charges if your car is overweight, but basics like hubcaps and spare tires are automatically calculated into the standard vehicle weight. Removing them will make no difference.

Following your own internal gut feel will help you determine what is the truth and what is just rumor. Make sure you get more than one quote, investigate the companies you call and then use common sense to choose the best, most reliable auto shipping company.

In the end, you will settle on the best option. And we are sure you will choose CarsRelo.

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