Three Important Things to Know About Car Shipping

Jim Brown | Cars

Moving vehicles can be tough. Maybe it's the distance you need to move it or what you need to transport, or maybe it's just altogether inconvenient.

Rather than having to worry about the logistics of it, hiring a car shipping company can take a load off your mind and your hands. If you are in need of having a vehicle transported, here are some things you need to know about a prospective car shipping company:

What vehicles they ship

Car shipping companies can move more than just your passenger car. You can't exactly sail a boat across the country or drive an ATV on the interstate, and opting for vehicle transport is a smart alternative. Whether you've made a new purchase or just need to relocate your RV, boat, motorcycle, or ATV, a vehicle transport company has you covered.

How much car shipping costs

Car shipping rates really depend on the size and weight of the vehicle and the distance it needs to be transported. You can typically get a quote for your vehicle hauling needs before you commit to doing it. In most cases it's going to be less expensive than driving it, especially when you factor in the convenience and the estimated $2,200 price tag that comes with driving across the country. How they ship your car or other vehicle Vehicle transport companies generally have a few different options for shipping. You can choose to have your vehicle shipped on a multicarrier, which is less expensive but takes longer to ship.

Open carriers are also less expensive, but this option does leave the vehicle open to potential damage from the weather or driving conditions. Choosing car shipping is an easy and affordable solution to your vehicle transportation needs.

When you are ready to ship your car, truck, bike, RV, or any vehicle, CarsArrive is here to help you.

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