The Main Methods of Shipping Vehicles

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Did you know that according to some estimators, a car or light truck would only cost approximately $1150 to ship from NYC to San Francisco, whereas driving it there would cost approximately $2,200 in gas, wear & tear, time and travel expenses?

Obviously, car shipping companies are the preferred method for long-distance vehicle transport, but these businesses offer different methods for their services. You can have your car shipped by itself, or you can have it shipped with other vehicles to save money. The real question is which vehicle shipping method is the best?

Open Multicarriers

Mulitcarriers that are used for vehicle shipping are an inexpensive option, but on the other hand they do take longer for vehicle transport. This is because the carrier will likely have multiple stops to make as other cars on the truck are being picked up and dropped. A good comparison is taking a taxi or the bus. The bus is much cheaper because it’s serving multiple passengers, but because it makes many stops, it tends to be slower.

Enclosed Multicarriers

Hiring an enclosed carrier to transport your car is safer but is typically approximately 60% more expensive than open carriers. If you're shipping a vintage Mustang that you've put your heart and soul into restoring, then this is the best method for you.

In open aired carriers, vehicles are more likely to sustain wear & tear from their journey as they are exposed to the elements and normal road conditions. An enclosed carrier offers extra protection from both the elements and road hazards.

Hot Shots

Unlike multicar carriers that usually carry 8 to 11 cars, a hot shot carrier, which is available open or enclosed, is designed to transport 1 to 3 cars at a time. Due to the limited number of stops the hot shot has to make, transit times can be significantly shorter using a hot shot, but the cost is usually very high as you are receiving nearly exclusive use of the truck and driver for your shipment.

We Are Here To Help

If you have any questions about these methods of vehicle shipping, feel free to ask your CarsArrive sales rep. No matter which shipping arrangement you most prefer, CarsArrive is here to get your car from point A to point B unscathed.

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