Stuck in a Pinch? Ship Your Car At The Last Minute

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Get a quick turnaround with premium auto transport.

Not all vehicle shippers offer this service. Well-established industry leaders are proud to serve most last-minute passenger vehicle shipment needs. Through their extensive network of professional partners, they are able to provide reliable shipping on a quick turn. (Large loads, or vehicles that require specialized machinery and know-how, may require a slightly longer lead time to arrange for personnel and equipment.)

Clutch vehicle shipping. Get started now by filling out a quote form.

No need to shepherd the shipping process when you partner with a pro.

Last-minute auto transport implies you have a hundred and one better things to do than babysit your ride. For that matter, even if you are booking your shipment far in advance, your time is better spent than coordinating logistics, routes, drivers, timeframes, and so on.

That’s why you partner with a premium service provider, like CarsArrive. We take good care of your baby – your car, that is – and your schedule. We manage all the “moving parts” of your shipment because know that, for most of us, our home and our autos are our most valuable assets. Right behind our time and our loved ones. Having time to spend with them is the important thing.

All that’s left for you to do in 2 steps:

The remaining obligations on your time are nominal. If necessary, due to schedule constraints, each of these may be delegated to your team.

  1. Prep your vehicle.
    We recommend that the vehicle be thoroughly cleaned, inside and out. All shippers require that your auto be free from all non-factory modifications and inclusions. That means that car seats, cup holders, and GPS devices need to be removed along with everything from the pocket change in the ashtray to the phone chargers in the glove compartment. Find more details in our pre-ship checklist.

If you don’t have the time to run through this list of washing, tidying, and otherwise preparing your vehicle, check with your local auto detailing shop or mobile hand-wash service. They should be able to put together a custom service package from their à la carte menu that satisfies your pre-shipment needs. If you’re in a big enough metropolitan area, they may already have just such a package.

  1. Inspect it.
    Before your vehicle may be loaded for shipping, it undergoes a thorough pre-shipment inspection. You must be physically present for the inspection, which should take no more than twenty minutes. You and the driver will make note of the placement and degree of pre-existing scratches, dents, and other blemishes on the bill of lading. Clients often make an additional visual record for their files of the vehicle, in photos or video, prior to shipment. In the unlikely event that damage occurs in transit, this visual record may be submitted as supporting evidence with the claim.

Upon completion of the inspection, you will sign the bill of lading to legally release it to the shipper.

This process recurs when your vehicle arrives at your final destination, which may be the shipper’s terminal or any location you choose, prior to being released into your custody. You must be present to record the condition of the vehicle and, if necessary, note any changes. After this inspection, you and the shipper’s representative will again sign the bill of lading.

If you don’t have time or availability to attend either or both inspections, you may choose a designee. If you don’t have an assistant who can do it, consider a trusted adult relative, a neighbor, a co-worker, even a member of the property management team where you live or work.

If you have any questions, you can check out our Frequently Asked Questions or contact us to ask.

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