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If you’re planning on moving long-distance – whether that means state-to-state or cross-country – the question of how you’re going to get your car there may have already popped in your head. Maybe you’ve already done some research on auto transport companies… after all, you did end up here, reading this.

What you may also have noticed is that auto transport companies offer different prices depending on how you want to ship your vehicle. There are additional options for getting it to and from your driveway or from a service center, but the main choice you have if you want to ship a car is whether you want to put it on an open-air trailer that carries multiple cars at a time, or an enclosed trailer that offers protection from the elements but carries fewer cars.

What’s the difference?

Open carriers are the most common option, probably because the cost of shipping a car in enclosed trailers can be more than 60% of what you’ll pay to use an open carrier. That being said, enclosed shipping offers some real benefits, especially if you’re shipping something as valuable as a new, rare, or vintage vehicle.

For one, you’re not putting any miles on the vehicle while it’s on the back of a truck. This means you can protect the value of an antique or rare model.

The second benefit, of course, is protection. With enclosed shipping, you don’t have to worry about things like inclement weather, road damage and wear, and theft or vandalism (it’s rare, but it can happen).

This makes enclosed shipping ideal for vehicles like:

  • Antiques
  • Classics
  • Exotics
  • Luxury vehicles
  • New purchases

Is open shipping a good option?

On the other hand, there’s are several reasons why open shipping is the most popular option with not just individuals who need to move a vehicle, but also dealers, car manufacturers and others in the know. In fact, more than 90% of all vehicles are shipped this way.

With open transport, vehicles are typically loaded onto long two-level trailers. You’ve probably noticed them on the road before, they’re hard to miss with cars loaded up on both levels.

Obviously, the biggest draw for this shipping method is the cost-effectiveness. Being able to ship more cars on a lighter trailer (no walls equal less weight) means transporters save fuel per car and can pass the savings on to customers.

Since it’s a more efficient method for shipping vehicles, there are also more open carriers on the road. That means more trucks available to pick up and drop off, so it’s easier to get a car shipped when you need it – even in a hurry.

How to choose the right car shipping service

No matter which shipping option you choose, it’s important to pick a car transporter that knows what they’re doing. And with years of experience, CarsArrive Auto Relocation has the options and the know-how to make sure your vehicle gets where it needs to go worry-free and hassle-free – meaning you can trust us to get it there in one piece and have more time to take care of all the other things you need to do.

Trust the vehicle relocation experts at CarsArrive to get your vehicle wherever it needs to go with our quick, damage-free and hassle-free moving process. We offer a ton of shipping and delivery options, so you’re guaranteed to find a service level and price that fits your specific needs.

Call us at 577.825.4143 or get an instant quote online today.

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