Moving To A New State? Get Your Registration Straight

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James recently got transferred to Florida by his company, and hiring CarsRelo to ship his car was the first step he took in making sure his most precious possessions were well taken care of in the move.

There was a lot to worry about with the move. James thought he could just move, get settled in and then worry about the "everyday" things he needed to get done, like finding a new doctor, dentist and insurance agent.

Within two weeks of moving to Florida, though, he was in for a big surprise - his car got towed from in front of his apartment. It seems that Florida requires new residents to register their cars within ten days. Ten days?

Know the Rules for Car Registration In Your New Home State

When you're moving, there is so much to think about - getting the kids registered for school, and, like James, finding new doctors and dentists, not to mention finding your way around town. So it may come as a surprise to find that car registration times vary from state to state. There is no "typical" registration time within which new residents need to get their vehicles signed up.

Finding out your new state's vehicle registration requirements entails more than just finding out how many days you have. Most states require your vehicle be insured with a local insurance agent. It seems strange to think about it, given how many ways you can get car insurance, including signing up online. Because of differences in each state's liability limits, uninsured driver coverage and other laws, it does make sense.

Here are some tips for ensuring your car meets your new state's requirements:

Two weeks before your scheduled move:

  • Contact your current insurance agent to find out about transferring your insurance to the new state.
  • If your current company insures cars in your new state, your agent can help transfer your coverage.
  • If your current carrier does not insure cars in your new state, your existing agent should be able to make some recommendations for a new carrier.
  • If you're moving for a job, ask someone at your new office for insurance agent recommendations.

A week before your move:

  • Finalize your car insurance arrangements, make whatever payments are required and make sure your car is covered in your old state right up until your vehicle is delivered at your new address.
  • Make sure to ask your new agent about adding coverage if you're renting or are going to own a home; there may be discounts available.
  • Ask the insurance agent in your new location for information on registering your vehicle in your new state.

Once your vehicle is delivered:

  • Contact your new insurance agent to start your coverage in the new location.
  • Make sure you have all your documentation available and ready when you go to register your vehicle.
  • Don't wait until time runs out on your registration window; register your vehicles as soon as possible after the move.

By following these steps, especially when transferring insurance coverage during a move, you'll have less to worry about when you get to your new location and your move experience will be less stressful.

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