Moving Overseas? 3 Common Myths About International Auto Transport, Busted

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Moving anywhere can be a hassle, but moving overseas brings with it a whole new set of challenges. The biggest one? Deciding how your car is going to get to where you need it to be.

Auto transport services are used all the time for domestic car shipping, but there are a few common misconceptions, especially when it comes to international transport. Before you say yes or not to a car transporter company, here are a few myths you should be wary of.

MYTH: Door to Door Services Are Rare

In fact, door to door services are quite common. In this scenario, car shipping companies will pick your vehicle up from your front door and deliver it to wherever it needs to be. However, this might not be the right service for you. Most companies will recommend bringing your car to their location and having it shipped to a sister location where you'll be moving. This places an extra layer of security on your vehicle, no matter where it's going.

MYTH: You Can Travel With Your Car On a Ship

Contrary to popular belief, you can't travel on the same ship or plane as your car. These auto transport vehicles are designed specifically for cargo only, and as such the only people allowed on board with the vehicles are the captain and crew of the vessel. While it might be tempting to travel with your vehicle, it's simply not safe and not allowed.

MYTH: You Can Use Your Car Like a Suitcase

Packing is tough, and if you're shipping your car somewhere, it may only seem logical to place as much of the burden inside there as possible. Companies usually allow 50-100 pounds of extra cargo, but there are strict international guidelines that explicitly state what items you can and cannot place in your car while it's in transit. So while the idea of placing personal items in your car may be tempting, it's essential that you check the guidelines and restrictions before you pack your whole life in your car.

Shipping your car overseas can make moving a lot easier, but be sure you know all the facts before you put your car on a boat or a plane to meet you in your new home.

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