Motorcycle Shipping: How to Protect Your Bike

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There's nothing like hopping on your motorcycle and riding down an open highway, no traffic around you, just you and the bike, racing against the wind. That's how Ed always felt about the Harley he bought several years ago, so when the time came to ship his bike across country to a biker rally, he was nervous. His Harley was his baby. How could he make sure it was protected during shipping?

Having a Motorcycle Shipped

Shipping a motorcycle is, by far, easier than shipping a car. First, a car is, by nature, much bigger, so more goes into the shipping process. Because vehicle weight plays such a big role in auto transport, and damage is a bigger concern, it's only natural it would take more to secure a car than a motorcycle. Nevertheless, choosing the right motorcycle transport company is critical.

Why Ship It Instead of Driving It

The biggest benefit of using a shipping company to transport your motorcycle is the fact that most motorcycles are shipped in covered trailers. The chances of dents and dings, rock and gravel chips and other types of damage are almost totally ruled out. Within the trailers, motorcycles are typically secured in place and locked down, so there is little opportunity for damage due to shifting during transit.

But First, Some Things You Should Know...

So what types of damage should you be worried about when transporting a motorcycle? Of course, accidents can happen; no one is perfect.

Moving motorcycles and other smaller vehicles in and out of trailers gives rise to the possibility of an accident, but reputable transport companies take as many precautions as possible to avoid the possibility of such damage. Providing your own cover for your motorcycle, to be used while it is in the trailer, can help, especially if the cover is made of something other than cloth. For instance, some who have transported their bikes to Sturgis for the motorcycle rally have purchased plastic or wood covers and provided them to the transport company.

Regardless of how careful the transport company is, as we said, accidents can happen, so having adequate insurance coverage is key. As soon as you make the decision to ship your bike, call your insurance company to ensure you have it insured for transport. The transport company will have its own coverage for the transport, but having your own coverage can mean the difference between paying for accidental damage yourself or having it covered. This is especially true if the damage occurs before the bike is secured on the trailer or after it is removed.

Shipping Your Bike: The Best Option

Clearly, having a reputable transport company ship your motorcycle is the best way to move your bike from one place to another, especially if you're going a long distance. After all, a cross-country motorcycle ride may seem romantic, but in reality, it's hard on the body and harder on the bike.

In Ed's case, he arrived at the biker rally to raise money for children's cancer treatment with his bike in the same condition it was when it was picked up by the transport company. He says shipping his bike to the rally through CarsArrive was the best decision he made and definitely made the time he spent at the rally more enjoyable.

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