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For anyone shipping their vehicle for the first time, the shipping process can seem overwhelming -- maybe even a little daunting. But familiarizing yourself with the steps of auto transport will help the situation to be as easy and manageable as possible.

One of the first things you have to establish with your chosen vehicle shipping company is your shipping quote. Quotes can range in price for a number of reasons and a low price does not always dictate the best service available. Rather, this belief leads to many misconceptions.

Here are three common myths about auto shipping quotes, that when clarified, will help to make your auto shipping process all the more easy.

A quote is set in stone

Upon receiving an initial quote from an auto shipping company, be sure to read the fine print. While many will guarantee the quote, there are often hidden fees that include hook-up charges, delivery charges, and additional fees. Be sure to read the fine print and understand exactly what you're paying for before you sign the contract.

Quotes are only based on the distance traveled

While distance is certainly a factor that contributes to the overall cost of car shipment, it is not the only determinant of a quote. For example, a vehicle's weight, make, model, and shipping requirements factor into the quote. International shipping will of course be more expensive, as international shipping is a great deal of distance. The time of year also makes a difference. For example, shipping rates are typically higher during the summer months and lower during the winter. And if you are one of the 18 million who have purchased cars online in recent years, your shipping time requirements and drop off requests will also contribute to the shipping quote.

You can lower your price if you take "extras" off of your vehicle

Let it be noted that taking your hub caps, seats, or spare out of your vehicle will not reduce the quote for your shipment. While it may cost more if a vehicle exceeds the standard vehicle weight, basics like hub caps and spare tire are factored into the standard weight of the vehicle. It is also important to note that items inside of the car do not count, as they will typically be required to be removed for insurance purposes.

If you have any questions, contact your shipping company today.

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