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Michael was promoted and his family was thrilled, until they heard he had to move to the other side of the state; the kids were all settled in school, his wife had a great job and they were going to give all that up so he could pursue this new career path.

Both Michael and his wife had cars and the company would pay for one to be shipped, since it was eight hours from one side of the state to the other. After talking with several friends who had shipped vehicles, they decided to go with a company their next door neighbor recommended.

Researching the Auto Transport Company

They did all the necessary checking of the company - they called references, read online reviews and even called the Better Business Bureau to make sure there wasn't anything glaring. Sure, the company had a few complaints online, but nothing that raised red flags.

The company had supplied them with the names of a few customers whose moves went well, along with one customer who had some issues. In the end, that disgruntled customer went away satisfied that the company did everything they could to resolve the issue. With all of this data, Michael made the decision to let the company move his car, while the family took his wife's car themselves.

Vehicle Delivery Complications Arise

Three weeks after the move, Michael's car still wasn't at the new house. Michael called the auto transport company every day to find out what was going on, but still, no car.

Was it lost? Did it get swept up by an alien spaceship?

Finally, after a month, the car was delivered to their doorstep, even though Michael had agreed for it to be dropped at a terminal facility. It had a few dings in it that weren't there before the move, but overall, it looked ok and ran fine. Still, it took four weeks to take the car for the 8-hour drive from one side of the state to the other. What should Michael do?

Understandably, Michael was upset. He didn't feel he should have to pay full price for a move that went wrong. The good news was that Michael had done everything right on the front end, so when a dispute arose, he and the company were able to settle matters amicably and to Michael's satisfaction.

How To Resolve An Unexpected Problem When Shipping Your Car

Following Michael's steps to resolving the problem will help you, not only when you ship a car, but whenever you are dealing with a company to resolve a problem:

Do your homework

Michael was aware before he hired the company that they had had some issues with on-time delivery, based on the reviews he read. A few of the poor reviews were for missed delivery dates, but they were always within a week of schedule.

He was willing to accept a week delay. If it had been more than a week, it would have been a major problem, but a week was livable.

Keep calm

Michael never raised his voice when he called the transport company to find out where his car was. He figured getting angry would only make the other person upset as well. If you do your best to keep calm, the other person will also remain calm, and problems can be resolved more easily.

Reputable businesses want to do a good job

The company Michael hired had been in business for several years, and most of their reviews were glowing. He remembered that most companies are in business to provide a good customer service experience. The company was just as upset about the problem as he was, so they worked together on an even footing to resolve the problem.

Double-check insurance coverage

One of the first things Michael did after checking the transport company's insurance coverage was to call his own insurance agent to make sure his car was covered, in case anything happened while the car was being moved. As it turned out, there were a few new dings on the car caused by rocks on the road, but between his own insurance coverage and the transport company agreeing to cover his deductible, Michael ended up with nothing out of pocket.

It Pays To Prepare Before Shipping Your Car

Problems are going to come up, whether you're moving your car, hiring a contractor to put down new floors or buying a new dishwasher - people are imperfect, so the chances of having a completely problem-free experience with any other person is the exception rather than the rule. By keeping calm, doing your homework, remembering everyone just wants to do the best they can and taking extra precautions, most issues can be solved with little stress or headache.

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