How to Ship a Car for Military Service Members

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When you’re in the military, permanent change of station (PCS) orders often come with the territory, and that means moving yourself or even your family to a whole new location, possibly out of state – maybe even across the country.

When that happens, you’re confronted with a choice when it comes to your POV (personally owned vehicle, for those who didn’t know) – you can sell it, possibly in a hurry, or you can take it with you.

If you opt for the former option, you may be taking a hit on the price in order to sell it in time before you ship out.

If you go with the latter, you’re the faced with the question of how you’re going to get it there. You could drive it yourself, or you could use an auto transportation company to get it there for you.

Driving your POV yourself versus shipping it

While driving it yourself might seem like the best option because it can save you a little cash, there are several reasons why shipping it to your new assignment makes way more sense. For one, driving it yourself might seem like the cheaper option, but when you factor in the costs of gas, food, and lodging, that’s only true if you’re only going a few hundred miles.

Besides that, shipping your car has three major advantages:

  1. It’s way easier.

You schedule the pickup and drop-off dates and times, and once the vehicle is handed off, you don’t have to worry about a thing but getting yourself there now.

  1. It’s safer.

Driving the vehicle means hitting the road, putting more miles on the vehicle and possibly risking an accident or mechanical trouble on the road.

  1. It’s faster.

Driving a long distance takes a (not surprisingly) a long time, and your time is valuable. You could spend days driving your car from one place to another, and if that’s not your thing (or if you need to be at your new assignment before you can drive there), hiring a professional car transport company is probably a better option.

In addition to the above, most auto shipping companies (including CarsArrive Auto Relocation) offer discounts for active military members and their families.

How to prepare your car to ship

Getting your POV ready to ship starts by arranging the service level you want and picking the dates that the car will leave and arrive at the new location. After that, there are a few tips that we try to make sure customers know before shipping their vehicle.

  1. Wash it inside and out.
  2. Document any pre-existing damage – we recommend taking pictures or video of the exterior and interior, regardless of whether there is any damage.
  3. Remove all your personal items – including anything that could get loose and bounce around in transit. If you have to leave it in the car, make sure it’s securely packed in the trunk.
  4. Keep your paperwork handy – this includes documentation for the car, insurance, and transporter info in case you need to reach them.

Choosing a dependable car shipping company for your PCS move

No matter how you decide to ship a vehicle (and you’ve got plenty of options), it’s important to choose a car transporter that understands the ins and outs of military POV shipping.

CarsArrive Auto Relocation has been taking care of military service members for years, and in addition to all options and know-how we bring to the table to make sure your vehicle gets where it needs to go worry-free and hassle-free – we also offer a discount for active-duty service members and their families.

Call us at 577.825.4143 or get an instant quote online today, and we’ll show you how we can make your PCS fast, easy, and hassle-free.

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