How to Prepare For Transporting Your Motorcycle

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Moves happen -- and they can happen very suddenly. In such cases, or when moving very long distances, often a major challenge is getting your personal belongings to where you need to go. And moves aren't the only reason for goods traveling long distances -- interstate sales and other goods being shipped contribute to this greatly. USA Today reported that almost 75% of cars sold on eBay in 2017 were interstate transactions.

Personal vehicles, like cars and motorcycles, also need to move with, or to, their owners. That's one reason why there is a $12 billion car shipping industry in the United States. Car transport services and motorcycle transport companies are experts in getting your beloved ride from point A to point B.

Before you send your motorcycle off, make sure to prepare it for transport. The first step should always be a thorough examination checking for pre-existing damage. You should be extremely familiar with every scratch and dent on your bike so that you can make sure it wasn't damaged at all in transit. If you notice any damage, you can file an insurance claim. Make sure to:

  • Clean your entire motorcycle
  • Note down any chips, dings, or scratches and their location.
  • Take pictures of your bike from several angles
  • Date all of your records, and make sure to show them to the mover when they arrive.

Sometimes, it is recommended for you to drain your gas tank and remove your battery prior to shipping unless shipping by freight. In other cases, movers recommend a half- or quarter-tank of gas, a charged battery, and inflated tires. Check with your moving company to check first.

Remove all loose items from the bike -- since your mover is not responsible for these items, insurance would not cover them if they were lost or damaged.

If you are extremely concerned about your motorcycles safety during shipping, they can often be individually crated. Other methods include the blocking and bracing of a bike inside a container.

Remember, shipping a car during the summer can cost significantly more than in the winter -- $200 to $300 higher in fact. The same may go for motorcycles in many cases. Make sure to do your research on motorcycle transport companies before you sign on.

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