How To Guarantee A Bad Car Shipping Experience

Jim Brown | Cars

We all say we want to have the best experience with any company we hire to perform a service for us. It's surprising, then, how often we end up with a bad experience. We ignore the warning signs, take shortcuts and then are surprised when it ends up going wrong. It actually takes more work to make things go wrong than to ensure you have a smooth experience, especially when shipping a car.

Let's take a look, then, at ways to guarantee you'll have a bad car shipping experience, in no particular order. Doing one or all of these things will ensure you don't have to work so hard to make things go wrong.

Get only one bid

There are dozens of car shipping companies in the market, so why do all that searching, reasoned Ellen. She told her boyfriend to just get one bid and be done with it. After all, they were busy people and the move was going to be quick; they just didn't have the time. Unfortunately, that was one of the fastest ways of ensuring she would have a bad experience. She ended up paying too much and had issues when the car was delivered, which ended up being three weeks after it was supposed to arrive.

Pick the lowest-priced company

Jake was on a tight budget and really couldn't afford to pay a lot when it came time to move his car, so he just picked the lowest price, reasoning that all companies are the same. His girlfriend told him he would end up with some dents or dings, and it'll take however long it takes to get the car where it needs to go. Besides, if a company can afford to offer the lowest price on the market, they must have lots of business, which means they are doing something right.

In the end, picking the lowest-priced company ended up costing Jake big. His car was damaged, because the company used inexperienced drivers and older equipment to move the vehicles.

Don't do your homework

Why bother with getting references or checking out the company that's shipping your car? You're only going to get the information the company wants you to know anyway. Besides, you're busy trying to get ready to move; you just don't have time to make those phone calls or look that stuff up on the web.

That's what Henry did, and he ended up without a car for almost two months. The company he chose ended up being a shade-tree company that didn't have the proper insurance coverage. It was about to be shut down by the state for not paying its taxes or its employees!

Forget about taking pictures of your car before shipping

Jackie had a few dings on her car but didn't think much about it when it came time to ship it. As a matter of fact, she completely forgot about taking pictures before her car when on its trip.

When the vehicle was delivered, Jackie was surprised to find even bigger dents on the car. But she didn't win her claim, because the shipping company noted the previous dings and said the new ones were pre-existing.

Of course, we are only pointing out the obvious - doing your homework, checking out a company and following common-sense practices for hiring any company will ensure you're getting the best you can afford, whether that's a lot or a little. Every company has bad days, but taking the time to do your own research will help eliminate the headaches you might encounter while moving your car.

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