How to Bargain Hunt for a Reliable Vehicle Hauling Company

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The Internet shopping trend has become less of a phenomenon and more of a normalcy, even when it comes to vehicle hunting. Long gone are the days of walking through a dealership lot to peruse and search for your next ride. Today, the online marketplace is limitless.

Globally, more than 90% customers research vehicles online before purchasing, and about one-third of customers would be comfortable purchasing a vehicle online. Sites like, eBay, and sell more than 15 million cars annually for cheaper prices than dealerships.

Of course, when you purchase a vehicle from across the country, you won't have the same satisfaction of driving away from the lot. eBay reports that most of its auto purchases are interstate transactions, meaning that you'll have to figure out how to transport your vehicle from A to B before riding off into the sunset. So how do you do that without breaking the bank?

What to ask a car and motorcycle hauling company before you hire them

  • You should know whether the company operates open or enclosed trailers. While enclosed trailers will move your car or motorcycle safely without being exposed to the elements, this service tends to cost 60% more than open trucks.
  • Do the vehicle hauling company's rates vary seasonally? Typically, auto transportation is cheaper during the winter months and will save you about $200 to $300. Can you wait a couple more months for your new motorcycle, or can you manage to wait and keep it in your garage until next season?
  • How many trailers does the car and motorcycle hauling company operate? Nearly all transporters nationwide operate two or fewer haulers. While the auto transportation industry is extremely lucrative -- worth more than $12 billion -- these companies count on reliable brokers to fill their trailers. If they operate tons of trucks but are still charging an arm and a leg, something doesn't add up.
  • Will one vehicle type cost more than another? Trucks, vans, and SUVs typically cost more than an expensive sports car because they weigh more and take up more space. Don't be afraid to ask for quotes on other types of vehicles to see how they stack up in price compared to yours.

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