How Long Should It Take to Complete An Auto Purchase?

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The average American works approximately 47 hours a week -- that's like working an extra eight-hour workday every week. Because of this, our world's latest innovations and technologies are all about saving time. From driverless cars to phone applications that have hot food delivered to your doorstep in minutes, it's all about saving time and having the most streamlined experience possible.

But can the same logic be applied to buying a car? Many new companies are trying to come up with applications, similar to Uber's transportation app, that allows people to buy a used car with the click of a button.

On the surface, this sounds wonderful and oh so convenient. But will it work? According to an article in Money when it comes to the auto and auto shipping industry, some things remain because they're tried and true.

According to the article, titled, "Why the Dream of Buying a Car in an Hour Might Never Be Reality," the average time spent buying a car is about four and a half hours. Many are trying to whittle this down, making 45-minute deal promotions in order to cater to the 15 million people who buy cars online each year, and the 33% of global individuals consider buying a car online. Yet many dealerships argue that this just isn't possible.

"To have a proper experience, buying a car is not done in an hour,” a dealership owner told Money. “There are clear pitfalls in a 1-hour deal,” another dealership owner explained. “People don’t want to feel rushed. That’s not a collaborative effort.”

Buying a car is a big decision, and truthfully, should be treated as such. It's important to have a thorough understanding of your impending vehicle transaction. Along with this, it's crucial to transport your vehicle with a company that understands the importance of procedure. After making such a big purchase, ensuring that your car gets into your possession safely is a top priority, and as a $12 billion industry, auto shippers clearly understand this.

So when purchasing and shipping your car, don't look for instant gratification. Instead, look for a satisfactory experience.

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