How does motorcycle shipping work?

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The wind in your face and the open road stretched out in front of you, there are few feelings as exhilarating and freeing as riding a motorcycle. And while Sunday drives and even weekday commutes are doable, when it comes time to move or get your baby across the country, not everyone is up for a cross-country ride.

That’s why it’s so much more convenient to ship your bike using a trusted vehicle shipping company like CarsArrive Auto Relocation. And just because our name has Auto Relocation in the name doesn’t mean we don’t handle other kinds of vehicles – motorcycles definitely included.

How to ship a motorcycle

Just like shipping a car, truck or SUV, you’ve got options when it comes to shipping a motorcycle. Depending on the shipping option you choose, we can either come to your driveway, or you can bring the bike to us at one of our partner terminals. Once there, the process is pretty simple.

We start by inspecting and photographing the motorcycle, noting any pre-existing damage, cosmetic issues like scratches or dings, and checking to make sure that it’s in good working condition. We encourage owners to also make note of anything as well and take their own photos in the rare chance that there’s an insurance claim later on.

What happens after that depends on how you choose to ship, but the most common method is the simplest and most affordable – roll-on/roll-off using an enclosed motorcycle transport trailer. The motorcycles are rolled into place in the back of a fully enclosed carrier to provide protection from the road and the elements. Once inside, it’s safely secured to the floor and sides of the trailer using soft tie-down straps connected to I-bolts.

Another method for those who want to give their pride and joy a premium ticket to ride is with palletized motorcycle shipping. This involves rolling the motorcycle on to a wooden pallet, then securely strapping it down to ensure that no wiggling or jostling can occur. The bike is then loaded onto an enclosed transport truck using a pallet jack and a lift gate.

Why ship your motorcycle with CarsArrive?

Simple, we know what we’re doing because we’ve done it a thousand times before. We understand the intricacies and have the experience to safely transport your motorcycle and get it to its destination in the same pristine condition it left.

Trying to ship a motorcycle yourself is a difficult and expensive process when you don’t have the necessary equipment, and driving a large trailer or box van is a lot harder than most people assume. And without the proper care, handling, and procedures to ship a motorcycle correctly, you might end up causing yourself more hassle than you bargained for.

CarsArrive Auto Relocation has access to a network of drivers who specialize in transporting all kinds of vehicles, including motorcycles, and they have the training, licensing and experience needed to make sure that your motorcycle gets the best treatment possible.

Shipping with a reputable company like CarsArrive Auto Relocation also means you get the peace of mind of knowing that if anything does happen in transport, your bike is fully covered by insurance.

Your motorcycle is your ticket to freely roaming the open road. Call CarsArrive today at 855.736.7429 and speak to one of our representatives and get your quote started. The sooner you call, the sooner you can get back on the road – wherever your journey needs to start.

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