How Auto Transport Can Offer You More Variety

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People are increasingly using outlets to shop online from the comfort of their own home rather than going to retail stores and shopping malls. Anything from clothes, to pet toys, and even food can now easily be ordered online and shipped to your door. Now even larger purchases are beginning to migrate online such as car buying.

Even now, an estimated 18 million cars are being sold online every year through sites such as eBay Motors,, and The questions you might be asking yourself is what happens after the initial purchase? How do you get the car? Fortunately, auto transport companies are available to move your vehicles anywhere and everywhere they need to go.

A large part of the beauty of shopping online is that you're not tied down solely by whatever sellers are within driving distance of you. Auto transporting allows for customers to review cars from across state borders, and even around the world. Right now 94% of consumers around the globe research potential cars online before they buy. About 33% of those people would be willing to by the car over the internet.

Some people may worry about false advertising considering they won't be able to physically see the car before the purchase. There are now reliable review sites that can tell you the value of a specific year and model of a car. Some even have the ability to search through past records that can show previous owners as well as if the vehicle has been in an accident.

As consumers continue to buy more vehicles through the internet, auto transport services will be able to deliver their bargains directly to the consumer's driveway. With the option of enclosed trucks for added safety, or for 60% less cost, an open truck for shipping, there's no reason to stay tied down to your local dealers.

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