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When we say we’re taking the worry out of car shipping, we mean it. That’s why with worries about the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continuing to make headlines, everyone at CarsArrive Auto Relocation is doing everything we can to protect the health and well-being of our customers and our service providers, drivers and other employees.

This includes offering car shipping using our revised hands-free shipping procedures to ensure that proper social distancing is maintained throughout the car shipping process from pick up to delivery.

How does hands-free service from CarsArrive work?

For your safety, CarsArrive Auto Relocation now performs every step of your vehicle’s relocation through a “hands-free” process, starting with vehicle inspection. Customers must be present during the inspection while maintaining a safe distance.

When the driver arrives to pick up the vehicle (or the vehicle is dropped at a terminal, depending on your service level), the car will be carefully inspected and photographed to document its condition. Customers may also take photographs for their own records. Once complete, the driver will fill out the necessary paperwork, but customers can forego the old process of having to sign and give a verbal confirmation.

Similarly, when the vehicle is delivered, the driver dropping it off will do a final once-over to make note of its condition and document any damage in the rare event there is any. Photos will be taken once again, and customers can once again take their own photos and verbally note anything they want to be documented on the paperwork. As before, no signature is required, and all work is performed at a safe social distance.

Other ways CarsArrive protects customers

From the beginning, CarsArrive Auto Relocation has stayed up to date and followed all CDC guidelines and protocols – ensuring that all of our partners to do the same as well through daily safety checks. Additionally, we’ve been monitoring the health of all employees for their safety and yours, and any employee who’s not feeling well is directed to stay home.

Further safety measures include:

  • Proactively monitoring and adhering to health and safety directives in all the jurisdictions in which we operate.
  • Encouraging all of our drivers to wear masks and gloves, when possible.
  • Encouraging the use of sanitizer prior to and after drivers and associates make contact with vehicles. This includes spraying the outside door handle and driver's compartment area (including the steering wheel and shifter).

Bringing you safe and reliable service important to us

CarsArrive Auto Relocation has always focused on providing excellent, worry-free service. We appreciate your business and will continue to provide the best service in the industry now and in the future. We offer these hands-free safety options as an alternative to our standard procedure in our effort to make the work we perform safer.

Additionally, we will honor all shipments in progress as well as previously quoted prices, even if you need to change your shipping date.

As always, if you have any questions or if you need to reschedule a vehicle shipment, we encourage you to call our customer service professionals at 855-736-7429 or contact us through our website.

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