Four Important Questions About Car Shipping, Answered

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If you're in the middle of planning a big move, transporting heavy objects -- like a car, for example -- can be one of the most stressful things. Here are just a few of the most common questions, and answers, about shipping vehicles:

What types of vehicles can be shipped?

Pretty much any type of moving vehicle can be shipped, from boats and RVs to normal cars. Remember though, if you have a vehicle that needs special attention (like an antique car or big truck), you might have to look around for specialized car shipping companies that have the equipment to handle special vehicles.

How much will it cost to ship a car?

Every car shipping service calculates the cost differently, but most car transport services calculate the cost based on mileage, vehicle weight, and/or current gas prices. Ultimately, whatever it costs you to ship your car through a professional service, it will almost always be much cheaper than driving your car yourself or hiring a professional driver.

How early should shipping be scheduled?

It's always best to schedule a shipment date as soon as you know that you need to move your car, but some car shipping companies have deadlines a week or two in advance. Some companies may be willing to ship your car within 24 hours of your request, but be advised that you could pay extra fees for the last minute scheduling.

Are there safety regulations in place to make sure the car is safe during shipping?

The main benefit of a professional auto shipping company is that it has the equipment to transport cars safely, and professional, experienced drivers are in charge of driving the carrier vehicles. Additionally, car shipping companies will provide customers with insurance in case any damage happens during the move, and many companies will even let you check in on your car online and see where it is.

Remember, if you ever feel anxious about shipping your car, never hesitate to contact the company directly and ask any questions you have on your mind! A dependable car shipping company will be able to answer all the important questions and give you the peace of mind you need during a big move.

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