For College Freshman Moving Away From Home, Auto Shipping May be Solution

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This coming August, many teenagers will be embarking on a journey that marks the beginning their adult life: their freshman year of college. For many up and coming students, this means leaving their friends, family, and the comforts of home for the first time -- sometimes even all the way across the country.

Suzanne's Story

Take Suzanne, for example. Last year, Suzanne was delighted to receive a letter of acceptance from her dream school: UC Berkeley. Being a native New Yorker all her life, Suzanne couldn't wait to start a new chapter of her life on the sunny, lively, West Coast.

But early into making plans for her freshman move in, Suzanne quickly realized that she would need her car. UC Berkeley is located right next to San Francisco. While it's a beautiful and bustling place, having a car would prove vital to Suzanne feeling at home in her new city.

At first, Suzanne and her parents considered driving her car out West. But after weighing the costs of gas, hotel stays, the mileage, as well as the time spent travelling, Suzanne and her parents decided that the trip wasn't worth it.

Luckily, Suzanne and her parents quickly found another option through a dependable auto shipping service. Through this car shipping service, Suzanne was able to safely transport her car at an affordable rate, arriving directly at her campus as she arrived for orientation. Because she had her car, Suzanne was able to enjoy the beauty that San Francisco had to offer, and had an amazing freshman year.

College Students Rely on Auto Shipping for Safe Vehicle Transport

This is a common tale for many college students leaving home for the first time. To date, the auto shipping industry in the United States is a $12 billion industry, and is growing more popular every day. Auto shipping allows for upcoming students to safely transport their vehicles just in time for classes to start. While many auto shippers don't allow you to leave cargo in your car during transport, some allow 50 to 100 pounds of cargo within the vehicle. This gives students a means for safely transporting their personal belongings and their car all at once.

Auto shipping will also save you time and money. In Suzanne's case, shipping a car from New York to San Francisco costs approximately $1,000. Compared to driving 3,000 miles cross country on a 43 hour journey, shipping one's car would cost significantly less, and prove to be much better for the environment.

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