Everything You Need to Know About Motorcycle Transport

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Nothing quite compares to the freedom a motorcycle offers you. With the wind on your cheek and the open road ahead of you, it can feel like anything is possible. But when it comes to transporting your motorcycles, that process can be anything but liberating. Whether you're relocating for a job or moving across the country for a fresh start, transporting your motorcycle can be a stressful endeavor. That is why hiring a trusted vehicle shipping company to transport you motorcycle for you is an essential act.

Similar to moving a car, moving a motorcycle is more complicated than simply pulling it to your destination using a trailer. Without proper care, handling, and procedure, shipping your motorcycle yourself can prove more detrimental than convenient.

So why an auto shipping company? This $14 billion industry has professionals with the experience, knowledge, and know-how that will handle your motorcycle properly, and have the appropriate licensing to ensure that every shipping job is a job well done.

To safely transport a motorcycle, a shipping company has to have versatility in shipment options. For example, a shipping company that does multiple-car transports on open trailers may not have the equipment necessary to ship a motorcycle. Additionally, these companies may not have the proper experience in moving vehicles that aren't cars. The typical shipping company has two or fewer trucks, so it's important to do your homework.

Ideally, motorcycle transport needs to take place in a closed trailer, as it is the safest and most guaranteed method of transport. While this method of transport costs as much as 60% more than open vehicle shipping, the cost is worth the trouble. A dependable motorcycle transport company can also help to protect your motorcycle from theft, and from any potential damage incurred on the road.

Your motorcycle is a precious asset that allows you to roam freely. Choose motorcycle transport as the most liberating option possible.

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