Can You Pack Your Car During Transport?

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One of the most common questions we get from customers who need to ship a car, especially when it’s part of a state-to-state move, is: can I pack personal items in my vehicle during car shipping?

And it’s easy to understand why. After all, if you’re already shipping a car to your new home, why not take some of stuff you’re already preparing to ship and put it in the back seat? It may even seem like an easy way to save a little money.

However, what a lot of people don’t immediately think of are the finer details involved in shipping a vehicle – things like weight and balance requirements, as well as the dangers inherent in the shipping process. Let’s explain.

Licensing and Liability

The main reason why auto shippers don’t usually allow customers to load up their vehicles is simple: auto transport drivers are licensed to haul vehicles, but not personal items. If a driver is stopped at an inspection station and personal items are found in a vehicle on the truck, the driver can be fined, and they may even be forced to unload the items and leave them behind.

Another important reason why auto shipping companies discourage customers from packing personal items is because car transporters have strict weight limits for safety reasons, and the cars are heavy enough on their own without personal items stuffed inside. Drivers often have to enter weigh stations along highway routes to ensure they’re not so heavy that they’ll damage roads or bridges, and if they are too heavy, they may be forced to unload items and leave them in order to continue.

Related to the last reason, because the drivers aren’t licensed to transport household or personal items, companies like CarsArrive Auto Shipping are unable to offer insurance for these items in the event they are damaged or stolen. And while this is a rare occurrence, having a pile of goods in the back can make the vehicle a more attractive target for thieves.

The last reason is that transporting a vehicle, while safe for the car or truck, is a little bit rougher of a ride than a typical drive. Because of this, your items can be jostled and moved around during the process, causing damage to them and the inside of the vehicle. And while the vehicle is fully insured during transport, again, any personal items are not.

Tips about things you can pack

If you do need to load some items in your vehicle during shipping, make sure to load light items that won’t be damaged in shipping like linens, clothes, pillows or other items that are also light and airy. Also make sure to load them in the trunk of the vehicle so that they’re out of plain sight, and don’t load any high-dollar items you wouldn’t want stolen or damaged en route.

Other items like the spare tire, jack and other roadside items are usually accounted for and can be left in as well. If you have any questions, make sure to ask the shipping company what their policy is on shipping personal items.

Call CarsArrive Auto Relocation at 855.736.7429 to speak to one of our representatives, and they’ll be happy to explain our policies on personal items and get you started on a quote today.

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