Buying a Car Interstate? Here's Why You Should Choose Auto Shipping

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Whether it be an online purchase, an inheritance, or a great deal that you just couldn't pass up, there are plenty of reasons to buy your car interstate. In fact, about 15 million cars are sold online each year, and 75% of those purchases made on eBay Motors were interstate transactions. But once you've made your purchase, there's another, bigger question to tackle: how am I going to get my car home? While many opt for driving the car themselves, this is both a costly, and time consuming decision that may put your car at risk of damage during travel. Instead, why not ship your car? Auto shipping allows you to safely transport your vehicle at an affordable rate in the trusted hands of a professional. Here are three reasons why you should choose auto shipping for your interstate car purchase:

  1. Timeliness

The drive from New York to Los Angeles is over 2800 miles, and takes about 42 hours to drive. Driving the car yourself would mean multiple hotel stops, taking the time to get to an airport, and countless hours driving on the road alone. Auto shipping companies often offer door to door services, so all you have to wait for is your coffee to finish brewing before your car arrives.

  1. Car Condition

You just purchased your vehicle -- why would you want to hike up its mileage and expose it to potential wear and tear? Auto shipping allows your to safely transport your vehicle without having to worry about potential damage.

  1. Affordable Vehicle

Transport Costs As previously discussed, driving your new car interstate on your own can add up in both time and money. With gas, food, and hotel accommodations, your car-pickup can cost an unnecessarily high amount of money. In contrast, auto shippers offer you competitive and affordable vehicle transport costs, making your transport as affordable as possible.

The car shipping industry in the United States is a $12 billion industry. Choose auto shipping for your next interstate car transaction for an affordable, convenient, and quality service.

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