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If you’re trying to buy or sell a car online, there are a ton of great websites out there to help you connect to sellers, buyers, collectors and more.

However, some sites are better suited to a certain kind of car, and others offer better incentives for buying versus selling, selling versus buying, just checking prices of similar sales, etc., etc.

So, here’s our breakdown of some of the best buying/selling/what-have-you websites (in no particular order) and what they do best…

eBay Motors

eBay Motors has been around for a while. And though it’s not the best or the shiniest tool in the shed, it offers some nice benefits to those looking to buy or sell a vehicle.

For one, they’ve been around a while – which means you have access to a database that shows you what others bought and sold similar vehicles for in the past through their sold listings. In addition, buyers have the added benefit of being able to see seller ratings and feedback, and eBay offers buyer protection unlike some other sites.


If you’re into unique, classic, or vintage motors, Bring-a-Trailer might the site for you. Sellers can list a car for auction, similar to eBay Motors, but Bring-a-Trailer’s moderators have to review and approve the vehicle first, so not every listing you see will be up for auction.

Because the bar to sell a car on BaT is a little higher, you can expect to see some pretty polished vehicles – and prices to match. But if you’re looking to buy or sell something truly unique, it’s a pretty cool option.


CarGurus offers buyers and sellers another option, but unlike eBay Motors or Bring-A-Trailer, it’s a listing site, not an online auction house. What it does offer is an amazingly huge selection, a robust user interface, and listings that are ranked by both the market value of the vehicle (from Great Deal to Overpriced) as well as the lister’s reputation.

Not only that, listers on Car Gurus can’t pay to have their listing promoted, and the whole site encourages transparency throughout the reviews and histories of sellers and their listings.

It’s also the most visited online car buying site in the United States, and it’s free to list a car. For sellers, that means your listing is going to be seen, just be aware that the site will let buyers know where your price stands compared to others on price!


Okay, so this one isn’t actually a car buying website, but we wanted to include it on this list because if you are looking to buy a car, it’s an awesome resource to see what kind of price dealers in your area are asking.

True Car shows you the best price available, and you’re guaranteed that price when you go to the dealer. This means no haggling or surprises when you see the final price.

How to Safely Transport Your Car after a Purchase

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If you’re new to buying a car online, you might also want to check out our tips for buying a car online.

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