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Are you tasked with arranging vehicle shipment?

Every year, millions of Americans move vehicles across the country and around the world. Sometimes it’s young military families on assignment. Or newlyweds following job opportunities. Or snowbirds following the sun.

It may be that you sold a vehicle online and need to ship it to the new owner. It may be that you have a yacht or high-end recreational vehicle that needs transport to and from the repair shop that’s inconveniently located two states away.

Regardless of your reasons, unless you’re like the Clampetts in their move to Beverly, you need to find a professional vehicle shipment partner.

Our vehicles are often our most precious possessions, behind our homes and our memories. Shipping them is a big deal with lots of moving parts. That’s why it’s important to find an experienced provider you can trust.

4 places to get up to speed on transport industry jargon & processes

It won’t take you long to learn the terms and services that are available, but that little upfront research on your part translates to savings in terms of both money and worry. You will be better able to articulate your questions and concerns throughout the process. You will also be able to discern if a vendor is not transparent or forthright in their dealings.

1. Websites & blogs

A quick internet search for vehicle shipping or auto transport will list the top competitors in this industry and in your area. Visit their sites and browse their service offerings.

Find three or four who stand out to you and skim their recent blog posts and FAQ pages. Depending on your needs, you should be able to sort blog posts by their category and learn more that way.


Premium vehicle transporters, like CarsArrive, offer on-page, custom quote request forms. These quote requests do not entail an obligation and are instant for most common passenger vehicle shipments.

If you’re shipping a custom-sized vehicle, anything from a motorcycle to a personal watercraft to a go-kart, you will be contacted shortly by a customer service rep to get additional details, such as size, before a quote can be generated. Some bigger craft require specialized hauling equipment and drivers with additional training. Once you receive quotes from three or four providers, study them closely to compare services, prices, dates, even aspects of the professional presentation. Prepare a list of your questions.

3. Customer service

Contact the customer service departments of each vendor to work through your concerns. This may involve phone calls, emails, or online chat forms, depending on what’s available and your preference. The companies should be willing and able to answer your questions satisfactorily.

4. Contracts

Even after you narrow down to one prospective shipper and get to the contract stage, you’ll still be learning. Lots of information is contained in seemingly boilerplate legalese.

If your chosen shipper doesn’t offer an itemized schedule of services, look for additional charges buried in the contract verbiage. They’re only hidden in plain sight for you to read as part of your due diligence. Again, if you have concerns, voice them and expect them to be resolved.

Get answers or get another auto transport partner.

Before you sign on the dotted line, make sure that all of your questions and concerns have been addressed. You and your vehicles deserve a transporter you can trust.

When you’re ready to get a custom quote from CarsArrive to ship your vehicle, anywhere in the world, please fill out our Instant Quote form. We look forward to earning your trust.

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