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Jackson was Corporate Vice President for a multinational corporation in Hartford, Connecticut. He and his wife, Eve, built their dream home a few years ago, including a five-car garage to hold his collection of vintage cars.

Then came the call they never expected - Jackson's company needed him to move to California to take over their newest division. Leaving behind their home was going to be difficult, but Jackson definitely wasn't about to leave behind his cars. Fortunately for Jackson, his company was paying for the move. Unfortunately, they would only pay to move one vehicle.

Finding An Auto Transport Provider

When making a move for a job, finding the right auto shipping company is as important as finding the right moving company for your household goods, regardless of who is footing the bill. So what things do you need to take into consideration? What questions should you ask?

First in most people's minds, unfortunately, is the cost. The cheapest car shipping company isn't necessarily the best.

Having your company share the cost of the move helps relieve some of the pressure, but cost should not be the sole determining factor. The cheapest companies are most likely to cut corners to get down to the lowest price available. Being cheapest doesn't necessarily mean "bad" any more than the highest price means "good," so it's important to look at other factors when choosing a company to move your cars.

Make sure to get at least three quotes. As most corporate executives know only too well, getting three quotes gives you a high, middle and low value.

Then, check the references of those companies. Don't settle for reading online reviews, which can be deeply biased either for the good or for the bad.

Ask the three companies for references, both good and bad, then call those references. Specifically, talk to someone who had a bad experience with the company. Any company that's been in business for longer than a few months can do things correctly at least 90 percent of the time. How they handle things going wrong for the other ten percent speaks volumes about the shipping provider.

Timing is important in a big move. Most corporate moves require you be at your new location almost immediately, often leaving the family behind to take care of the actual move itself.

Ask the companies you're interviewing if they can do last-minute shipping or if they broker it out. Can you rent a car while you're waiting for your vehicles to be delivered? If so, it could save you the cost of a quick ship; otherwise, perhaps driving one of your vehicles to the new location will be a good option.

Corporate Moves Made Easier

A corporate move, big or small, can disrupt your life for some time but it doesn't mean you have to leave behind your vehicles. In Jackson's case, he did his research and found just the right company to handle all his vehicles. Within just a few weeks, Jackson and Eve were settled in their new home, surrounded by their memories and, for Jackson, his collection of vintage cars to make touring their new location even more memorable.

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