4 Ways to Speed Up the Car Shipping Quote Process

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To Speed Up the Auto Shipping Quote Process – Know Thyself. 

Know what vehicle shipping services you need, when, and where. You've just found out that you've got to move – or you get to move – depending on how you look at it. Whether you are approaching the situation with dread and anxiety or eager anticipation, you've got a million things to do. Sure, you can prioritize them. But, it probably seems like they all need to be done right now, doesn't it?

Take a breath. No, really. A deep breath. Now let it out.

Moving support services for every need

You're not alone. And, you've got plenty of support services on hand.

About 32 million Americans move every year. That's around 10% of the total population, according to Move.com. We are a society who moves a lot – for opportunity, career, family, and sometimes, wanderlust.

Moving services of all types exist to help get you, yours, and all your precious possessions from here to there. Including your family vehicles – yours, your spouse's, your teenagers', your boats, your kit cars, your passion projects from the 50s. (You know, the one with the tailfins.)

You've got decisions to make about which shippers and movers to trust.

We know you've got loads organizing, scheduling, shepherding, and task mastering to do, including the decision about whom to let ship your autos. You'll want to compare several vendor quotes in order to make an informed choice. Forthwith –

4 things you can do to speed the auto transport custom quote process

1. Know the vehicle make(s) and model(s), or their approximate weight.

The custom quote for vehicle shipment is based upon several factors, including type and weight. A 40-foot yacht will be harder and more costly to ship than a Smart Car. A swagger wagon minivan will need a different trailer than a Harley-Davidson.

Get together the specifications of all your vehicles. For cars, trucks, minivans, and SUVs, all we need is their year, make and model. For non-highway vehicles, we need dimensions, especially height and weight, as this is what determines the type and necessity of specialized equipment. If you have a unique or customized vehicle (ex: a tricked F150 with lift, roll bars, etc), it’s recommended to have some photos handy to share with the auto shipper.

2. Know the timeframe of your move

Time of year, season, and advance notice are all factors in the cost of vehicle transport. Your quote is date-based and locks in the equipment and personnel needed to move the vehicles. Premium auto shippers, like CarsArrive, can usually accommodate your preferences. Make sure you've made those decisions before you fill out the quote request form. Changing dates will change the quote and may result in additional fees.

To help you think through the dates of your move, especially related to your transportation needs, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do we need to have our vehicles there yesterday?
  • Does the new job not start for another three months? How soon?
  • Do we want our vehicles to get there ahead of us so that we have transportation in and around our new city?
  • Do we have a trusted friend, family member, or coworker who could be our designee on the receiving end of the vehicle shipment? Would this person be available to sign the bill of lading on our behalf?
  • Would we rather get settled and get to know the new roads with a rental car before our vehicles arrive?
3. Know your origination and destination points.

This seems like the easiest form fill item, but there are some decisions to be made here.

  • Do you want to ship door-to-door? That is, from your old home to your new one? Do you have a new home yet? If not, you could ship from your old home to your new temporary residence. You could ship to furnished corporate stay apartments while you're looking for a new home in the right school district. Or ship to your new workplace.
  • Would you rather ship from one transport terminal to another? For instance, CarsArrive has over 100 service center locations in the continental US. You could realize cost savings by shipping your vehicle to and from our service centers, if your schedule allows it.
4. Know your budget & your preferred premium features.

Most premium auto transporters offer additional protection services as well as scheduling assistance.

Depending on what type of vehicle(s) you're shipping, you may wish to request top-loading or enclosed transport. Top-loading places your vehicle on the uppermost rack and eliminates the chance of falling debris or leaks from vehicles above it. Enclosed transport shields your vehicle from the elements while in transit. This is important especially for high-value vehicles, antiques or restored classics or vehicles that aren’t weather-worthy (ex: a convertible with a torn or leaky top).

Scheduling assistance can include guaranteed transit times, instead of windowed estimates, as well as expedited service.

When you know all of these things and are ready to get your custom quote for auto transport…

Simply fill out the Instant Quote form. You'll hear back shortly from our server or customer service rep, depending on the types of vehicles you list.

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