4 Reasons to Transport Your Vintage Motorcycle, Instead of Driving It

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If Your Vintage Motorcycle Runs, Keep It That Way by Shipping It

Are you into vintage motorcycles?

Maybe your grandfather got you into it, growing up, fiddling with spare parts in his garage on rainy days. Maybe it's a hobby you picked up after college. Or after your own kids left for college.

Perhaps you've curated your own museum-ready collection with a 1926 Cleveland, a 1957 Triumph Bonneville, and a 1952 Indian Chief. Or you've just purchased your first. Maybe it's a 1920 Harley Davidson Flat Twin that you received as an inheritance with instructions to show it every year at the State Fair.

No matter how you got started or how far down the road you've ridden, your bikes are some of your most precious possessions. The last thing you want to do is cause any damage or let any heartbreak come to your darlings. That's why, as you already know, you should never ride your vintage bikes to shows or dealers or shops. If you want them to retain the most value, never ride them further than 10 miles from home, if that.

Transporting your vintage motorbike saves wear and tear.

Your bike has already lived a good long life, maybe even longer than you have. There's no need to subject it to potholes, hazards, chip seal, or road grit. It's earned its retirement.

When you ship your vehicle, you can baby it with kid gloves. You can arrange to have it travel in an enclosed trailer. That way, you won't expose it to damaging ultraviolet rays or inclement weather. And certainly no road grit.

You can have it palletized separately. Or if you're shipping more than one, you can have them each braced and blocked within the same trailer. Potholes happen, but dings, dents, and scratches can be avoided.

Experienced professional drivers save YOU wear and tear.

Commercial drivers are the best on the roads. They watch out for everybody all the time. They've got years of experience and more training than the rest of us. They know how to schedule their days and route their trips to avoid rush hour and traffic jams due to road construction.

Almost makes you wish you could hire one for your family's summer road trip, doesn't it?

When you ship your vintage motorcycles, you can worry less about wearing out parts.

You already know how hard it is to get parts for vintage machines. Unless it's one of the rare breeds that are still common in other parts of the world, like the VW Beetle is in South America, you may never find the parts you need. Even if they do exist, you'll have to scour online auction sites and pay a pretty penny.

If it runs, keep it that way.

Full valuation coverage – bonus peace of mind when shipping your vintage bike.

The US government requires all vehicle transporters to carry both cargo and liability coverage. CarsArrive offers up to $50,000 worth of coverage for physical damage. That serves as the primary coverage in order to best protect our customers' cherished possessions.

We staff our licensed vehicle protection team in-house. That way, answers to any questions that may arise are only a quick phone call away.

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