3 Things to Look for in a Car Moving Company

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More and more people are buying cars online. Research shows that about 18 million vehicles are sold on sites like eBay Motors, Carvana, CarsDirect.com, and AutoTrader.com every year. What's more, about 94% of people use the Internet to research the car they plan to buy, and 33% say they are willing to buy online.

The only problem is shipping. When you buy a car online, it might be 100 miles away, 500 miles away, 2000 miles away. And considering that the only information you have on its mechanical condition and road-worthiness comes from the seller (you know, the guy who may embellish the condition to make the sale), a long-distance drive can be risky. Luckily, there are car moving companies that can get your “new” vehicle to you in perfect condition.

However, not all car moving companies are created equally. Here are a few things you need to look for when considering a car hauling company.


Car shipping companies should have experience shipping vehicles. How long a company has been shipping vehicles will be an easy way to determine how reliable they can be. There is usually a indication of how long a company has been in business in an "about" tab on their website. Otherwise, you can check their BBB listing or company info sites like Owler.com to find out more about their history. It always helps to use the company who has mastered their craft, and is familiar with almost any move.


There are numerous shipping methods that a company may use to get your car to you, and you need to make sure that these methods are safe and that you approve of them. When you contact a company for the first time, ask them to rundown how they'll handle the shipment from start to finish. From there, if you’re not completely comfortable, you can either ask if they offer other options, or you can choose a different company.

Cost Vs. Performance

Lastly, before making a final decision between car moving companies, you should check the top two or three's cost versus performance. Basically, go over what you'll pay the company versus the value added to your purchase from the company. Is a $100 savings worth an additional week or two of transit time? Does the price include coverage if the car is damaged or is that an extra? It’s important to look at the whole package rather than just the dollars.

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