You have questions. We have answers.

Below please find the answers to common questions customers have when shipping vehicles with us. Don’t see an answer to your question? Contact one of our CarsArrive Auto Relocation shipping specialists and we’ll help you out.

The typical auto shipment within the continental US takes up to approximately 14 calendar days.

Your vehicle should be cleaned out of all personal items including loose change, sunglasses, after-market GPS or audio devices, etc. The basic rule to follow is: "Clean it out as though you are going to trade it in."

We will allow a child seat to travel within the vehicle as long as it is securely fastened in place according to the manufacturer’s instructions. A loose child seat or any other personal items cannot be shipped with the vehicle.

CarsArrive Auto Relocation takes pride in having a very low occurrence of transit damage. However, sometimes accidents happen. In the rare event that your vehicle is damaged during transport, CarsArrive Auto Relocation provides valuation coverage up to the lesser of $100,000 or the Actual Cash Value (ACV) of your car with no deductible.

For both technical and safety reasons, the vehicle must roll, start, stop and steer for CarsArrive Auto Relocation to ship it through our standard transport process. If your vehicle does not roll, start, stop and/or steer, please advise your service rep immediately so that we can work on alternatives for getting your car moved.

Depending on the extent of the damage, we may or may not be able to ship the car. If the damage is such that the car will roll, start (and stay running), stop, and steer, and there are no fluid leaks, it is highly likely it can be shipped. If you are unsure, please consult with your dedicated service rep for additional guidance.

Absolutely. Approximately 80% of all new cars are shipped to the dealership on open car carriers and rarely incur any damage. Unless you have a high-value vehicle (exotics, restored classic or antique) your car should be perfectly safe travelling open.

Enclosed transport is available but typically recommended for higher-valued vehicles (exceeding $100K in value, restored classics, exotics or antiques).

During transport your vehicle is covered for transit-related damages up to the lesser of $100,000 or the Actual Cash Value (ACV). This coverage is provided at no additional cost and with no deducible.

Updates and changes can be quickly handled by contacting our Service Team by phone at 877.825.4143 or e-mail at Please be sure to reference your order number when you call in or e-mail. To make your transport go as smoothly as possible, it is critical to provide updated information as soon as possible to ensure your contact details and order info are up to date.

Absolutely not. If it is more convenient for you to ship your vehicles at multiple times, we will certainly accommodate your request. Often transferring employees will ship one car in advance of their move date, so the car can be ready and waiting at destination when they arrive.

Yes. You or an assigned representative over the age of 18 must be present during the release and receipt of the vehicle. If you choose to have a family member, friend or neighbor act as your representative, please let us know in advance along with their contact info. Also, make sure that they understand that they will be acting on your behalf during the inspection process.

At the destination end of your move, your car will be delivered to our local service center prior to final delivery to you. If you are not available to take the car right away, the service center will hold the car at their facility. If you believe that you will need to have your car held at the destination service center, please let your CarsArrive Auto Relocation coordinator know.

CarsArrive Auto Relocation uses local service centers to provide extra convenience to our customers.

Firstly, unlike over-the-road carriers that may be travelling hundreds of miles to pick up or deliver, the local service center works within a much shorter time/distance frame. So, while the long haul carrier may give you a time window in days, the service center gives you a time window in hours. This is a key to CarsArrive Auto Relocation providing a specific pick up date for our customers.

Secondly, large car carriers often have difficulty maneuvering in residential neighborhoods. This often results in the customer being required to meet the truck in a local parking lot or shopping center. Imagine the hassle of gathering up the kids so you can drop your car at the local Home Depot and then taking an Uber/Lyft back home. Service centers use smaller trucks which can easily move through tight streets and pick up or deliver directly at your driveway.

Finally, a relocation involves a lot of moving parts and sometimes things go wrong with the timing. When the over-the-road truck arrives at destination, the customer must be available. By using service centers, we can hold the car at the local facility and deliver on a schedule that is convenient to the customer.

Please don't spend your money on detailing prior to shipping. The car should have a clean (basic wash) exterior so the pick-up driver can perform an accurate inspection, but no more than that. Please keep in mind that your car will be travelling a long distance and is subject to the same road and weather conditions as if you are driving it. In other words, it's likely it will get dirty during shipping. A much better idea is to have the car detailed after you get it at destination. Then you can enjoy a well-cleaned vehicle in your new city.

We provide a variety of transport services for a complete range of vehicles, including cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles and more; for corporate relocation and commercial clients, as well as individual consumers, in the continental U.S.

We request that you schedule your move as soon as possible to ensure that your car is moved within the time frame which best meets your schedule. If an immediate pick up is necessary, we can arrange for your vehicle to be picked up within 24 hours.

There are many steps you can take to prepare your vehicle for transport. You can read them all in our Pre-Ship Checklist.

Payment for auto transport services must be made in advance by credit card. Credit card information will be collected via secure portal following booking, but payment can be deferred until three days prior to your scheduled pick-up or drop-off date.

CarsArrive Auto Relocation will pick up and deliver your vehicle at your specified locations (could be your residence, office, or any other location). The pickup and delivery is often performed by a flatbed truck but in some instances could be performed by our larger car transport truck. Our competitors may advertise door-to-door service but may not be able to truly provide you this service.

This is our most affordable service. You will drop off your vehicle at our nearest service center and pick up your vehicle at our service center nearest to your destination.